We are a media lab that promotes, supports and creates digital experiences.

Please contact us if you would like Digital Den to bring our demonstrations of our applications and exhibits to one of your upcoming events! info@digital-den.org

3D & VR Workshops

“Digital Den provides hands-on workshops for educators interested in learning about the newest developments in virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual worlds and 3D authoring.”

You are going to be hearing a lot about 3D and VR over the next year. We can help you learn what it is all about, navigate the sometimes confusing and competing options, and then get set up to hit the ground running with all of the new 3D and VR content.  We also have a collection of all of the latest VR headsets that we can bring to along.

Digital-Den sponsors Cosma 3D, a catalog of the best 3D and VR content available!

Finally, we can also help you get set up so that you and your students can author 3D and VR media yourselves. Check out Cosma 3D to get a better sense of all of the content, hardware and expertise that we can share with you.

Research & Development

Here are two projects that Digital-Den created using Unity 3D. Please contact us if you would like Digital Den to help you to create your own 3D virtual space with an interactive interface to your content. more…

Cosma 3D Experience Gallery

Cosma 3D Experience Gallery

Cosma 3D is a curated directory of the best interactive and 3D content on the web today. The entries can be accessed by subject, theme or platform. There is also a 3D Gallery developed in Unity 3D for exploring the site spatially. https://cosma3d.wordpress.com/

New Computer Museum, Virtual Edition

Welcome Area, New Computer Museum v. 1.5

The goal of the “Virtual Edition” of the New Computer Museum is twofold. It demonstrates the vision of what the “real life” New Computer Museum has the potential to become, and it stands on its own as a valuable and entertaining educational experience. Finally, it also serves as an exploration of how the new wave of 3D tools can be used in the context of museums and art galleries. http://newcomputermuseum.org

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