Dear Digital Den/NEW Computer Museum Supporters,

Here is the latest news about “the journey”…

“The Party”
Digital Den hosted a party on October 20th, and it was a great success!

For those of you who could not be there…
Mark Micheli made a fantastic video that captured the spirit of the event:
Rus Gant took some beautiful photos available on Digital Den’s site:
Ken Gagne also posted an excellent review and photos on his Apple II Bits Blog:

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support the cause!

Special thanks to everyone who provided and supported the exhibits…
Dan Berman, Michael Thompson and Harlan Hersey ,
Rhode Island Computer Museum
Adam Rosen, Mac Museum
Bryan Harwell, Replay’D, Nintendo
Ian King, Living Computer Museum, Posters
Rus Gant, Oculus Rift
William Tremblay, Vintage VR System
William German, Core Memory
Neil Carlson, Digital Den, General, XBox and Games
Mark Micheli, Digital Den, Photography
Sminu Mary Paul, Digital Den, Welcome Table
Andrew Flanagan, Digital Den, Interfaces Exhibit

NEW Computer Museum
The big news that was announced at the event was that, in addition to
continuing to create fun exhibits and events, Digital Den will support an
initiative to found an organization named the NEW Computer Museum.

Here is a very proto-web site that will be used to support that initiative:

NEW Computer Museum Meetup, Group & Event
There is now a brand new “Meetup” group complete with an event scheduled.
Please join and RSVP ASAP:

Digital-Den/NEW Computer Museum
Brunch Meetup/Update, Saturday, November 16th, 11 am – 1 pm
Asgard Irish Pub, 11 am – noon’ish
350 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
Digital Den@ Met Storage, noon’ish – 1pm
134 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Great Story
There has been quite a bit of media attention over the last few months.
You can find links to the best coverage on the Digital Den web site, but I would like to draw special attention to a great article written by Dave Brooks of the Nashua Telegraph. He really got it right, and I am grateful!

DEC-heads and ‘Wang gang’ members, take note: A computer museum’s in the works (David Brooks, Nashua Telegraph)

Ok, so that’s about it for now. As always, please feel free to contact me with ideas, concerns or just general questions. One more time, thank you to everyone for your help and support!