It’s Alive!

The Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign is live!

Please help root for Digital-Den to succeed at putting the Boston/Cambridge
area back on the computer museum map! Here’s what you can do…

1. We could use as many $5 thumbs up as we can get.
2. Of course, full donations are certainly welcome too.
3. Likes on the campaign page are really great because
    they raise the rating of the campaign on Indiegogo.
4. Spreading the word is the most valuable thing of all —
    Indiegogo has some built in sharing tools to help 🙂

Also, the next public hours are going to be held Labor Day Weekend:
11 am – 3 pm Thursday, August 29th through Sunday, September 1st
Please stop by, say hello, play with some of the collections,
and share ideas on how to help Digital Den succeed!