Digital Den is by no means a lone effort — there is a wonderful, growing community of supporters who are pitching in to provide all kinds of help.

On Wednesday, August 21st Bob Lawler visited all the way from Wisconsin and brought along some computers and software that will be key for creating the Children’s Machine exhibit in the fall.

Dr. Bob proudly shows the functioning TI-99/4A he has loaned Digital Den

There’s a functioning Apple IIe along with many TI-99 Sprite boards that make it possible to run Sprite Logo, two functioning TI-99/4A systems with a TI Logo cartridge and a Toshiba Home Computer HX 21 that runs a version of Japanese Logo.

On Saturday, August 24th we went to visit a wonderful (anonymous) friend who is willing to loan us the computers and software that will greatly expand the current archive and ultimately make a more traditional computer museum a real possibility. Here is a video that shows just a small fraction of the computers in his vast collection.

We returned from the trip with an SE (in a backpack :-)) and two iMacs (G3 & G4).

Then on Sunday, August 25th we headed down to visit the great folks at the Rhode Island Computer Museum. Dan, Mike and Alex took turns giving us a tour and explaining the amazing collection. For example, here is a fun snapshot of the old Boston Computer Society’s banner.


In this video, Mike Thompson explains the restoration of a PDP-9 to Mary Hopper.

If you are interested in learning more, there is extensive information about this project on the RICM’s web site and YouTube channel.

The folks at RICM also generously loaned us an Apple IIc, a Headstart 386 PC and a SideWinder Game Pad as well as huge bin of software.

All in all, it was a fun week visiting with both old and new friends.

Stay tuned, because there’s a lot of things coming up on the near horizon.

Don’t forget there are going to be public hours over Labor Day weekend:
Thurs., August 29th -Sun., September 1st, 11 am – 3 pm

Please stop by and say hi!

Also, Mary Hopper will be going to visit Living Computer Museum in Seattle on Thursday, September 5th, so watch for a post about that shortly after her return.

Finally, don’t forget to support the Indiegogo campaign and spread the word to all of the computer history fans in the Boston/Cambridge area!