Boston FIG

I had a fun time checking out the Boston Festival of Indie Games (BostonFIG) on Saturday.

In addition to a tour of the games, I enjoyed checking out some talks.

Leonie Manshanden did a extremely nice job of giving an overview of realities and strategies of marketing in If You Build It, They Will Come, and then Monty Sharma and his MassDigi Students participated in a panel where they shared insights and perspectives about their experience in the MassDigi summer program Game Devs: The Next Generation. The students were gave positively glowing reactions to their experiences, and they made it clear that Monty was responsible for giving them the ultimate in constructivist learning experiences (without them even having to know the theory and terminology behind what he was doing 🙂 Well done!

Finally, the most valuable parts of the day was attending a session where Chance Ivey and Jess Hider of Epic games presented Why Unreal Engine? — they provided an overview of their game engine’s features and strengths. Unreal is the alternative authoring option to Unity that we are using for our 3D/VR development, and we are deliberating about where or not to bite the bullet and either shift to Unreal or work with both platforms in parallel. They definitely provided food for thought, but the jury remains out for now…