Digital Den creates fun and informative exhibits that celebrate the past, promote innovation in the present and explore the future of immersive digital experiences.

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Immersive Interfaces

Digital Den collects, preserves and exhibits a wide variety of innovative computer interfaces ranging from the most historic to the latest and greatest.

This was Digital Den’s first exhibit. We collect, preserve and exhibit a wide variety of innovative, unique and fun hardware and software interfaces ranging from the most historic to the latest and greatest. We also focus on illustrating how they can be used together to achieve more immersive experiences. The specific goal of this is to demonstrate how to push the boundaries of immersive experiences by pairing high end commercial platforms (e.g. virtual worlds, high end photo-realistic VR software and games) with advanced visual displays (multi-screen, surround video and 3D), surround sound and new natural user interfaces to create more powerful computing experiences than are normally available to the general public (or even the experts who work with each of the individual products/projects).

Here is a video showing some of the demos set up for an event.

Mary Hopper explained Digital Den’s work with interfaces at BostonTech Breakfast at the Microsoft NERD Center.

New Computer Museum

Digital Den is the primary sponsor of the New Computer Museum, and the core of that museum is our own extensive collection of both vintage and recent technology.

Let us know if you would like to schedule our Game Arcade, Learning & Computing or many other exhibits. Check out our sister site, the New Computer Museum to find out more about the complete collection