New demo!

New Computer Museum, VR Edition Preview
Flea@MIT, Sunday, July 19, 2015 · 9:00 am – 11 am

Come see a new demo of a “Virtual Reality (VR) Edition” of a New Computer Museum that Digital Den is making! The application is being built in Unity 5.1 and will be available for WebGL, Google Cardboard, Samsung GearVR and Oculus Rift later this summer.

New Computer Museum, Virtual Reality Edition

The version that will be available on July 19th is actually just an early draft, so it will only include a small subset of the full version. However, there was an earlier “rapid prototype” of the full version built in SecondLife — here are a few images from that prototype to give you some sense of what the full version will be like when it is released.

The full version will demonstrate the vision of what a “real” New Computer Museum has the potential to become in the near future. It will also stand on its own as a valuable and entertaining educational experience for use in classrooms. In addition, the VR Edition of the New Computer Museum will be an exploration of how the newest wave of virtual reality products can be used in the context of museums and art galleries. Of course, it will also be an excellent demonstration of Digital Den’s expertise and skill in VR production.

Please stop by, say hi, take a look, and share your feedback!