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The Digital Den team spent the weekend out and about learning new skills and sharing the latest draft of our main project of the moment, the New Computer Museum, VR Edition.

Here’s a quick recap…

First, Saturday brought a fantastic opportunity to spend the day at Google’s Cambridge office learning all about how to use Unity3D to create and publish content for the Google Cardboard and the Samsung GearVR. These happen to be Digital Den’s target VR delivery platforms, so this was a particularly timely and incredibly valuable experience!

Saturday VR Code Lab Google Cardboard – Samsung Gear VR

Saturday, Jul 18, 2015, 10:00 AM

Google Cambridge
355 Main Street Cambridge, MA

96 Members Went

This event is co-organized with the Boston Virtual Reality Group and Boston Android The Summer of Virtual Reality – Come and build VR skills or share your VR skills. We’re having an all-day hands on VR Code Lab at Google for software developers.Google, Samsung, HTC and Facebook all have VR products and big plans with staffed development teams in…

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Juno Forbes started the workshop off in the morning by doing an amazing job of providing rigorous instruction that ranged all the way from the very basics of Unity3D programming all the way through how to publish our work for Google Cardboard.  Then after lunch Dustin Wish from Samsung gave the crowd a wonderfully detailed walk-through of how to code an application in Unity3D and publish it to the Samsung GearVR.

It was awesome to find out that the process for publishing to both Google Cardboard and Samsung GearVR is relatively painless!  Jeff Bail, one of the organizers of the event, was kind enough to agree to let us re-post this picture that he took of attendees learning to load their programs to the GearVR. Thanks Jeff!


Saturday VR Code Lab Google Cardboard and Samsung GearVR (Photo Credit: Jeff Bail)

Then Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day to take the newest draft of the New Computer Museum, VR Edition off to a Show & Tell at the Flea@MIT.  Long-time Flea attendees had great fun stopping by to experience the latest iteration of the project, and they provided some ideas for even more cool things that we can add to the next version. As you can tell from the picture, there are some interesting folks that hang out at the Flea@MIT 🙂 Thanks to their help, the next draft of the project will be even better — please stay tuned for information on when and how to see it!


Flea@MIT attendees get a preview of New Computer Museum VR Ed. (Photo Credit: Neil Carlson)